Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Professional Services

For accounting and auditing firms, fiduciary and legal services organizations, tax advisors, and other professional services companies, accuracy, efficiency and excellence in client service and relationship management are paramount. Regulations, compliance and risk management requirements demand for rich prospect and client profiling and standardized business processes.

Dot.Cy has extended the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft SharePoint to provide a solution focused on sales, marketing, client service, document and business process management needs of professional services organizations, with a holistic customer 360 degree view and a customer centric approach. Amongst other features, Dot.Cy’s solution delivers modules for prospect profiling, KYC management, timesheets management, WIP reporting, billing and invoicing, preparation of standardized documentation, and the management of complex corporate structures. Operating from within the familiar Microsoft Outlook environment or your preferred web browser, the solution can seamlessly address the industry’s pressing challenges.

Most importantly, our consultants can help you model your operations and implement your CRM strategy on a reliable and solid platform.

Sales and Marketing Automation
Dot.Cy’s CRM solution for Professional Services provides all the modules needed to effectively manage your organization’s sales and marketing processes. Prospecting modules allow for the capturing of prospect records and managing of pre-sales processes. Client related modules allow for the management of client profile and segmentation information, the management of corporate relationships as well as the management of prospect and client interactions. Emails, appointments, phone calls and other activity types are easily captured and linked in the activity history of their subject in CRM. Opportunity, quotation and contract management modules completely automate the prospect to contract lifecycle.

Marketing automation is managed from a comprehensive set of campaign management and event management tools. Prospect and client segmentation, management of personalized communications, and creation of targeted marketing lists are all standard features in Dot.Cy’s solution.
KYC and Compliance
Legislation in different jurisdictions and internal procedures command for a solid and flexible platform for the management of KYC and compliance requirements. Dot.Cy’s solution for professional services extends the profile and client management modules of the base CRM platform and captures rich information for both actual persons and legal entities.

Relationships between any record in the system and complex corporate structures can be captured and presented graphically. Approval and client on-boarding processes are managed electronically. A comprehensive electronic auditing module provides a holistic view on user actions and changes on the underlying data.
Time and Billing
Capturing timesheet entries in your organization allows you to better monitor resource utilization, get insights on where time is spent, but most importantly provide the basis for billing and invoicing. Dot.Cy’s solution allows for the capturing of timesheet entries using an intuitive user interface accessible from Microsoft Outlook and common web browsers. Detailed WIP reporting and timesheet approval processes allow managers to quickly review timesheets and proceed to billing. Flexible charge rates, support for fixed fees, recurring fees and expenses, as well as a number of other features and tools make Dot.Cy’s solution ideal for managing time and billing. The embedded workflow engine and solid reporting features are leveraged for automating your processes and monitoring operational effectiveness. Finally, plugged-in interfaces with your ERP and financial accounting solutions complete the billing cycle.
Business Process Automation
Dot.Cy’s solution for professional services comes with a set of processes and tools to automate and standardize your operations. Our consultants utilize the power of the Dynamics CRM workflow engine and their experience in the professional services industry to introduce processes and automations for streamlining your methods of work and increasing your productivity and accuracy. Automated creation of standard documents and forms using Microsoft Word templates, definition of alerts and escalation logic to efficiently manage client requests, creation of “to-do” task lists and auto-assignment to departments and individuals, setup of reminders on recurring processes such as tax filing deadlines, interfaces with banking institutions and agencies for automated data exchange, and alerts for compliance and document expirations, are just a few examples on how the base platform combined with our consulting services can help you take your business to the next level.
Document Management
Storing, retrieving and managing documents in an efficient and secure manner can make the difference in terms of service quality, operational effectiveness, and risk mitigation. Our solution goes a step further than traditional CRM systems and provides, out of the box, document management capabilities via native integration with Microsoft SharePoint. Any document can be attached to any record in CRM, categorized with rich metadata and subsequently retrieved using powerful searching and indexing tools. Features such as document version control, integration with Microsoft Office applications, scanning and storing of images of non-electronic documents, management of the document lifecycle and associating documents with workflow and approval processes are all part of Dot.Cy’s CRM solution.
User Interface & Productivity
Dynamics CRM can operate from within Microsoft Outlook, with over 500 million Outlook users worldwide, any major web browser or mobile device. Embedded KPIs, dashboard designers, report wizards and a wealth of out of the box reports and visualizations bring business intelligence at your fingertips. And with a user friendly interface and the choice of solution language, you will be providing your people with a leading CRM solution that is the most convenient for everyone.

Other Key Features

  1. Role based security to control record level and field level access
  2. Comprehensive data auditing engine
  3. Support for managing banking related  information
  4. Electronic transfers verification via DIGIPASS based authorization management
  5. Prospect and Client profile completeness scoring for improving data quality
  6. Point and click configurations
  7. Client Signature verifications
  8. Native Microsoft SharePoint integration
  9. Standard connectors with industry leading platforms
  10. Web service based APIs for ready and robust integration with external systems

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About Dot.Cy

Dot.Cy, a Microsoft Gold Partner in Dynamics CRM, was founded in 1999. Since then, Dot.Cy has been providing business solutions in Cyprus, the Middle East, and the Gulf using Microsoft platforms and technologies.

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