Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Media and Advertising

With the advent of new media channels, the increased complexity of media planning, and a business environment in which clients become more demanding, the Media and Advertising industry requires elaborate technology systems. Such solutions should provide optimized processes throughout the advertising life cycle and flexibility and adaptability to cater for the continuous changes in the industry.

Media and Advertising providers need to invest in CRM platforms to better nurture prospects and clients, achieve dynamic client segmentation, and obtain the intelligence needed for defining strategies and tactics channeled towards the most valuable clients and prospects. Dot.Cy’s CRM solution for Media and Advertising with holistic customer 360 degree views and a customer centric approach are based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and is purpose-built to provide a solid foundation for addressing the industry’s specific requirements and pain points. Publishing houses, TV and radio stations, advertising and marketing agencies and other media organizations can benefit from this solution.

Our consultants can help you automate your sales, marketing and customer care processes and implement your CRM strategy on a reliable and robust platform, on the cloud or on premise.

Sales Force Automation
Dot.Cy’s CRM solution enables your organization to automate sales processes related to the management of direct clients as well as advertising agencies and media planners. Our solutions can empower your sales agents to use intuitive tools for tracking prospects, managing existing clients and client interactions, monitoring opportunities and the sales pipeline, managing quotations and client contracts, and having access to a holistic view of the sales cycle.

Client and prospect profiling, client preferences, order tracking, and interaction history capturing will enable you to dynamically segment your client base and apply sales strategies tailored to each individual segment. Bundled analytics, KPIs and dashboards will transform raw data to meaningful business intelligence allowing you to better understand your client’s behavior, sales team performance, and organizational effectiveness.

Integration with back end order processing and billing systems can help you set targets and monitor actuals, review and incentivize performance, and create revenue forecasts.
Client Profiling
Benefiting from client segmentation and service personalization can only be achieved by having access to comprehensive client profiles. Dot.Cy’s solution for Media and Advertising allows you to capture information on client preferences and preferred advertising channels, the client’s active products and age group, competitive publications that clients and prospects are advertising at, and estimated advertising budgets and budget allocations.

Apart from qualitative data, quantitative data such as actual monthly spent per media, free ads, and other production information are made available in the CRM platform via integration with the back end systems.
Relationship Management
Strong relationships with advertising agencies, direct clients, and other business associates are fundamental in Media and Advertising. Upselling and cross selling across media channels requires bonds to be formed between your sales team and your clients. Relationship management tools allow you to define any type of relationships between records in the system, drill-down into those relationships in an intuitive and graphical manner, and share information with the sales and marketing teams.

Emails, appointments, phone calls and other activities can easily be tracked in CRM thus providing consistent activity history between the client and your organization’s staff members.
Contract and Document Management
Managing contracts and monitoring contract performances are two of the major pain points of Media and Advertising companies. In Dot.Cy’s solution, a contract can be created directly in the system or as a result from a won quotation. A contract contains details such as the client, contract status, the contractual period, total discount, free advertising space, special requests and other attributes. Contract Line Items keep track of the contract deliverables per media and sub-media. Integration with the back office system allows for the monitoring of contract performance and remaining air-time/slots at any time during the contract period. Dot.Cy’s solution leverages the power of Microsoft SharePoint to provide an integrated document management platform. Production drafts, images, audio and video files, and any other media type can be attached to any record in CRM, categorized with rich metadata and subsequently retrieved using powerful searching and indexing tools.
Marketing Automation
Client preferences, target age groups, account budgets and spending, and other segmentation information can form the basis for dynamic marketing list creation and campaign management. Using Dot.Cy’s solution, email campaigns can be run on targeted client groups thus increasing both the success rate and ROI. Phone call based campaign progress and results can be monitored in real time. Last-minute sales efforts for selling available space and air-time can be streamlined to target clients who have increased “appetite” for special offers, and client requests resulting from marketing efforts can be automatically assigned to sales representatives for further handling.
User Interface & Productivity
Dynamics CRM can operate from within Microsoft Outlook, with over 500 million Outlook users worldwide, any major web browser or mobile device. Embedded KPIs, dashboard designers, report wizards and a wealth of out of the box reports and visualizations bring business intelligence at your fingertips. And with a user friendly interface and the choice of solution language, you will be providing your people with a leading CRM solution that is the most convenient for everyone.

Other Key Features
  1. Role based security to control record level and field level access
  2. Comprehensive data auditing engine
  3. Prospect and Client profile completeness scoring for improving data quality
  4. Support for TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, rooftop ads, online advertising, billboards and other advertising channels
  5. Native Microsoft SharePoint integration
  6. Standard connectors with industry leading platforms
  7. Web service based APIs for ready and robust integration with external systems
  8. Point and click configurations


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About Dot.Cy

Dot.Cy, a Microsoft Gold Partner in Dynamics CRM, was founded in 1999. Since then, Dot.Cy has been providing business solutions in Cyprus, the Middle East, and the Gulf using Microsoft platforms and technologies.

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