Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Hospitality, Travel and Leisure

Achieving client service excellence in hospitality, travel, and leisure does not end when a guest checks-out from a resort, ends his trip, or leaves from a theme park or golf course.

Client service excellence starts from the moment of prospecting and should be a never ending journey. Hospitality, travel and leisure providers need to invest in CRM platforms to better nurture prospects and clients, achieve dynamic client segmentation, manage marketing operations, and obtain the intelligence needed for defining strategies and tactics channeled towards the most valuable clients and prospects, thus transcending the basic functionalities provided by regular industry solutions.

Dot.Cy’s CRM solutions, with a holistic customer 360 degree views and a customer centric approach, are based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and are purpose-built and provide a solid foundation for addressing the industry’s specific requirements and pain points. They can address the challenges faced by hotels and resorts, travel and tour operators, airline companies, theme park operators, and leisure park owners.
Our consultants can help you automate your sales, marketing and customer care processes and implement your CRM strategy on a reliable and robust platform, on the cloud or on premise.

Sales Force Automation
Dot.Cy’s CRM solutions for Hospitality, Travel and Leisure, enable your organization to automate sales processes related to the management of individual clients as well as corporate accounts. Our solutions can empower your sales agents to use intuitive tools for tracking prospects, managing existing clients and client interactions, monitoring opportunities and the sales pipeline, managing quotations and client contracts, and having access to a holistic view of the sales cycle.

Client and prospect profiling, capturing client preferences, and transaction and interaction history, will enable you to dynamically segment your client base and apply sales strategies tailored to each individual segment. Bundled analytics, KPIs and dashboards will transform raw data to meaningful business intelligence, allowing you to better understand your clients’ behavior, sales team performance, and organizational effectiveness.

Integration with Property Management Systems, ticketing, and other transactional systems can help you set targets and monitor actuals, review and incentivize performance, and create revenue forecasts.
Marketing Automation
Management of online and offline campaigns requires team work, integration with external systems, and data visualizations for monitoring a campaign success and ROI. Dot.Cy’s solution provides the platform and standard processes for campaign planning and budgeting, campaign approvals, and campaign execution. Integration with your data warehouse and other transactional systems enables production data to be linked to the originating campaign, thus measuring the bottom line of your marketing efforts.
Email Marketing and Surveys
Rich client profile and segmentation information is at the core of targeted and personalized email marketing campaigns and surveys.

Dot.Cy’s solution provides the tools for the management of email templates, email personalization, email distribution, and monitoring of email open rates and click-through information. The moment a client or prospect reads an email or clicks on a link, a CRM audit record is captured in the database. Such information allows you to better understand client behavior, trigger automated communications, and evaluate the effectiveness of your electronic campaigns.

A survey management engine forms an integral part of the platform and allows you to define survey questions, distribute them to a targeted group of prospects and clients, and monitor results in real time.
Customer Care
With Dot.Cy’s industry-specific CRM solution, the 360 degree unified view of client information becomes a reality. Client data managed directly in the CRM platform blends with 3rd party data, survey responses, requests submitted via web site forms, customer preferences, email, SMS, chat, and other types of interactions. Having access to such a rich repository of information, client service agents can resolve issues and client requests more efficiently. An embedded agent scripting engine allows call center managers to standardize the handling of common requests. Complaint and service request management leverages on the strong capabilities of the Dynamics CRM workflow engine. Information captured in the system can trigger auto-assignment and escalation workflows, SLA alerts, and other automated processes.
User Interface & Productivity
Dynamics CRM can operate from within Microsoft Outlook, with over 500 million Outlook users worldwide, any major web browser or mobile device. Embedded KPIs, dashboard designers, report wizards and a wealth of out of the box reports and visualizations bring business intelligence at your fingertips. And with a user friendly interface and the choice of solution language, you will be providing your people with a leading CRM solution that is the most convenient for everyone.

Other Key Features

  1. Role based security to control record level and field level access
  2. Comprehensive data auditing engine
  3. Prospect and Client profile completeness scoring for improving data quality
  4. Point and click configurations
  5. Call center interface and customer portal integration
  6. Native Microsoft SharePoint integration
  7. Standard connectors with industry leading platforms
  8. Web service based APIs for ready and robust integration with external systems

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Dot.Cy, a Microsoft Gold Partner in Dynamics CRM, was founded in 1999. Since then, Dot.Cy has been providing business solutions in Cyprus, the Middle East, and the Gulf using Microsoft platforms and technologies.

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